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The assignment

Sil and Anita have years of experience in the antique and art market. Together they travel through Europe in search of new vintage and brocante treasures. On May 1, 2013 the adventure began in a large barn 'de boshuuze' behind the house after which they opened their store in September 2017 after an intensive renovation: The brocante barn 'De boshuuze' in the heart of Venray. No year later the webshop was also launched under the same name. On January 1, 2020, the concept was rebranded with the new company name: Timeless Art. The search for design classics and vintage objects continues.

At the end of 2020, simultaneously with the move to a stylish showroom, we were asked by Sil and Anita to make changes in the field of E-commerce as well. They already had a webshop in Lightspeed, but were looking for a platform that would also allow them to create links with other parties so they could sell their products in even more places. They also noticed that their old webshop needed to be updated and they wanted a new design.

We helped Sil and Anita by making the switch from a Lightspeed webshop to a Shopify webshop. We chose for a Shopify webshop, because the possibilities for expansion are bigger and the platform is more scalable. This makes it easy to link the webshop to other parties who want to sell its products. The data from the Shopify webshop must therefore be transferable to other platforms on a 1:1 basis.

Timeless Art Home

From Lightspeed to Shopify

We chose a Shopify template from which we created a custom design. The new Shopify webshop has a new modern look with a number of new features to improve conversion. The new filter system enables visitors to search for products in the webshop in a more targeted way. Visitors can now filter by designer, color or which decades the product comes from. Another issue we have laid a good foundation for is offering products on multiple platforms. Where the owners of Timeless Art currently spend a lot of time placing new products on multiple platforms, we are working to ensure that soon this will only need to be done in one place by means of our Notive Middleware. This piece of customization ensures that all products are synchronized with the other platforms. The import and export of data goes from Lightspeed to the Shopify webshop, such as product and customer data.

The Result

With the new webshop, Timeless Art's products stand out with the modern and sleek look that matches the 'vintage' look. There are also many possibilities to expand the webshop due to Shopify's convenient APIs. Not only can Timeless Art sell on their own webshop, but they can also offer their products to other webshops, increasing their turnover and brand awareness!

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