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Always the perfect fit without worries

The assignment

With Tailie you'll never order the wrong size again. You enter your personal measurements and the next time you order new clothes online, they'll fit like a glove. This was the wish of Tailie, a wish that Notive has made into technical reality, a proper challenge!

In the Tailie application, a user can measure their body thanks to specific and userfriendly instructions. Thanks to some complex calculations we built into the app, Tailie is able to define the perfect measurements.


Never again ill-fitting clothing

The design for Tailie was done by Born05, the technique by Notive. Many calculations ensure you as a costumer that your clothes will always be the perfect size. You log onto your Tailie accounts on the supported webshops and click on "get my size", the system then ensures that the best fitting size is chosen based on your data and that of the manufacturer.

Starting with an existing prototype, we built the entire Tailie ecosystem in which brands can upload their online clothing-data. Next up, the application will calculate the appropriate measurements and the online clothing stores can use these measurements in their webshops using the Tailie plug-in. Users can log onto their Tailie Passport and easily order clothing that will perfectly fit their size.

The Result

Een app die gebruikersgemak biedt voor de gebruiker en een portal dat door Tailie zelf gebruikt kan worden. Het is mogelijk om voor een kledingstuk exact de juiste maat te krijgen, met een uitwerking welke schaalbaar is en meerdere van deze complexe formules gelijktijdig kan uitvoeren. Samen vinden we jouw perfect passende kledingstuk in een handomdraai!

We built an application that positively influences the shopping experience, alongside with a portal for the Tailie team. It's possible to get perfect-fitting measurements due to an elaboration which is scalable and can execute several of these complex formulas simultaneously. Together we will find the perfect fitting piece of clothing in an instant!

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