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The assignment

Style4walls offers modern and special wall covering and decoration products from several major brands. You can easily renew the walls in your bedroom or living room with decorative wall products. You can order these products in different types of materials and sizes on the webshop. Style4walls is not only a succes in The Netherlands, but also in Germany, England, France and Belgium.

Style4walls noticed that their webshop did not achieve the conversion they were looking for. Therefore they were looking for a way to increase the conversion of their webshop. So our task was to look at the current design of the webshop to see where there was room for improvement that was currently causing less conversion.

Style4Walls Website

Easily calculate the quantity

We gave Style4Walls' webshop a 'facelift' so they could achieve even more conversion. We saw that the design of the homepage and the product page of Style4walls was outdated, so our UX team worked on making the design more user friendly and more converting. For example, we changed the navigation and made Style4walls' USP's more visible. This makes it easier for website visitors to navigate to different pages so they don't have to search for information about shipping time which makes them feel confidential.

We also adjusted the product page. Here, our development team has built in a calculator that makes it easy to calculate how many square meters of decoration you need. This makes it even easier for visitors to calculate how much product material they will need so they can make the decision to buy even faster!

The Result

By only highlighting important USP's in the header, visitors to the webshop can navigate more easily to, for example, the shopping cart, which ensures more conversion. Also, visitors can now easily calculate how much wall decoration they will need with the calculator.

Through the expertise of our UX designers, the webshop of Style4walls has been upgraded which allows them to achieve more conversion. This shows that making a webshop user-friendly plays a very important role for the turnover of your webshop!

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