New year, new boots

The assignment

In 2017 a successful television advertisement campaign showing rain boots donned with the Dutch national flag, created such a buzz that Sourcy decided to put these boots into mass production.

To kick-start the commercial sale of these well-liked boots, Sourcy sought us out to help ensure their online webshop was a joy to use and we surely didn't disappoint them. We built them a webshop using Lightspeed and integrated the added functionality for redeeming discount codes. In 2018 we made sure the webshop was up to date and managed to raise sales to the staggering amount of 16.000 boots sold!

Walking in the rain has never been so fun

Getting your hands on a pair of Sourcy rain boots has never been this easy! Redeem your discount codes with the help of the automated code checker and your brand new rain boots are just a few clicks away. But there is more; want to know which supermarket sells Sourcy in your area? Check! Ordering boots without a discount code? Check! Gotten curious? Visit the website at

The Result

A very user-friendly and therefore successful webshop ensured that about 16.000 rain boots were bought in 2018. On to next year!

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