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Responsive website for Rolgordijnwinkel.nl

The assignment

Roller blinds come in all shapes and sizes, and Rolgordijnwinkel.nl offers this customized window decoration online in their webshop. We now know that web shops are really into it, but nowadays digital purchases are also on a mobile storm. In 2017, 47% of digital purchases in the Netherlands already took place on mobile! Rolgordijnwinkel.nl approached us with the question whether we could design and build a responsive version of their webshop for them, so that their webshop can also be used on tablet and mobile.

We have been able to build an extension to the WooCommerce webshop, in which we have made the website fully responsive using a Bootstrap Grid. This scalability makes it possible to also enjoy a user-friendly webshop on mobile and tablet. In addition, in collaboration with another internet agency, we have also redesigned their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), whereby we have ensured that the new webshop is technically optimized for a high ranking in search engines. For the search engine optimization we have taken into account the way in which URLs are built, the optimization and compression of images, title tags and meta descriptions, internal links, and much more!

Project Rgw

perfectly sized

To improve the existing Wordpress website, we have converted it into a scalable webshop that is user-friendly on mobile, tablet and desktop. We have also added extra functionalities such as the automatic completion of the postcode at the check-out and overall technical improvement of the forms, in order to increase the conversion as well!

The Result

For Rolgordijnwinkel.nl we have upgraded their existing Wordpress webshop with WooCommerce in which responsiveness, user-friendliness and technical search engine optimization have been central. Thanks to our responsive optimization, we have been able to significantly increase the number of mobile sales and customer satisfaction with regard to the mobile user experience!

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