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The assignment

Payment processor Payvision has been involved in simplifying and making (online) payments easier for 17 years. In 2015 they introduced Acapture, from which they can deliver a scalable, international and omnichannel payment system for webshop owners. After the start of a successful partnership with ING in 2018, the Payvision Gateway platform will be further expanded to better connect to all ING's SME customers. Part of this is the development of a tailor-made application that enables the integration of the Payvision Gateway in Lightspeed webshops. The Payvision app for Lightspeed gives webshop owners the opportunity after installation to easily make eight different payment methods available in their webshop.

For this project we have integrated the Gateway API of Payvision in a custom Lightspeed application, in which we use our own Notive Middleware to allow these two systems to communicate with each other. Our team of UX designers designed the workflow and visual design of the configuration screens, focusing on creating a user experience that matches Payvision's corporate identity.


Ease of use and visually sleek

The application designed and developed by us is focused on ease of use. Webshop owners can log in with their Payvision account details and easily switch payment methods on or off by using the user-friendly on / off buttons.

What distinguishes this Lightspeed app from the apps / plugins for WooCommerce, Magento and Salesforce is that the design fits within the Payvision corporate identity, so that users are always in a visually recognizable and familiar environment.

The Result

Thanks to the Payvision app for Lightspeed, webshop owners can easily manage payment options for their webshop. Payment methods can be turned on or off in an instant, thanks to the user-friendly configuration environment. The app achieves seamless integration between the Payvision ecosystem and the Lightspeed framework, increasing the size of the Acapture platform and enabling Payvision to better serve its customers.

Visual Partnership

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