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Paying with Paypal with just a click

The assignment

With more than 275 million users worldwide, PayPal is one of the largest electronic debit payment systems. Because Paypal offers such a straightforward way of sending (international) transactions, they’re a consumer favourite. In order to apply Paypal’s ease of use to Lightspeed Webshops, we developed a Lightspeed app that enables consumers to pay using Paypal with the same one-click functionality they’ve come to know and love.

Our unique Lightspeed plug-in uses a custom built middleware solution, designed by us. This solution ensures users can pay with Paypal using the same secure checkout-flow and the one-click checkout button. We built the plug-in to blend seamlessly into the Lightspeed platform. As an added feature we designed a user-friendly settings interface, within the same Lightspeed environment, where webshop owners can set their Paypal preferences manually.

Project Paypal

Paying the easy way

Our plug-in enables you to use the same name and address from your Paypal account during check-out. You won't have to go through any of those unnecessary personal information forms. Therefore, logging in to your Paypal account will save you loads of time! Adhering to GDPR regulations, none of your personal data is stored within our plug-in solution.

The Result

Thanks to our solution, customers can use their Paypal accounts at Lightspeed webshops at check-out, allowing them to skip the standard Lightspeed checkout-flow. We were able to greatly reduce time spend at check-out, positively impacting the overall usability of the current checkout process.

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