Easy and fast payment? That's OK!

The assignment

OK is a game changer in Dutch retail and e-commerce. With OK, it is possible for consumers to pay, redeem vouchers and much more using the OK App. This year OK will be rolled out nationwide in hundreds of stores (supermarkets, do-it-yourself shops and various shops) and at various web shops, supported by large national media campaigns.

The OK app makes it possible to easily pay online using just one scan and one "OK!". Paying anywhere, anytime, without an account or password. This resulted in the assignment to develop a plugin (app) for the Lightspeed SaaS webshop platform in collaboration with OK, so that webshop owners can offer this OK fast checkout to their customers and thereby increase the conversion.

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Payment made easy

Due to the OK Lightspeed application, we got rid of the hassle of selecting payment methods. Webshop owners can go right to the Lightspeed shop and install the OK plugin. The application can easily be integrated in any webshop that wishes to simplify checking out.

We also developed a dashboard with which the OK team can manage the onboarding of webshopowners. We simplified managing and observing of installed OK applications.

The Result

The complete checkout process of a Lightspeed webshop has been reduced from 3 minutes to just 30 seconds. Paying for an online purchase has never been so simple and fast!

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