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Tikkie QR for direct mail

The assignment

Tikkie QR has been around for some time, but in February 2019 we were commissioned by Nic. Oud to develop a conversion-increasing online payment tool for direct mail: Tikkie QR for direct mail. With the solution, QR Direct, it is now possible to order a product directly from paper, and then pay online via your own bank. Super easy and very user-friendly!

Previously, a mailing was sent by post with an acceptance giro for, for example, the granting of subscriptions or recruiting for charities. In addition to being cumbersome for consumers, these are very expensive for Nic. Oud's customers. Alternatively, a QR code is provided printed on these letters. Consumers can use the QR code to pay for their new subscription directly through Tikkie or to donate to their favourite charity.

We have developed a link that refers the printed QR codes to a corresponding webpage, where the consumer can donate an 'x' amount or pay for one or more products. Subsequently, this unique data is formed into a payment request that the consumer can handle through Tikkie.

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This conversion-increasing tool can be used by a variety of businesses. Whether it'll be used by a donor recruitment campaign or for selling subscriptions and / or products, applications is endless. The Tikkie QR codes on the print-outs are unique, personalised and linked to the data of the recipient. The recipient scans the QR, checks their data, adjusts if necessary and pays securely via iDEAL.

The Result

“Since 1 January, the banks have stopped transferring addresses to charities. This fact is a big challenge for them. With this solution that problem is solved and there is a 100% reconciliation. The charities are very enthusiastic," says Vincent, business developer at Nic. Oud. Because consumers no longer need to use giro collection forms, payments can be processed faster, cheaper and easier. The consumer only needs to scan the QR code and can easily pay with iDEAL.


Vincent Roobeek

I am very satisfied with the great cooperation and the thinking from Notive!

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