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Insightful e-Fulfilment service portal

The assignment

Nic. Oud is market leader in print & mail, fulfilment, web-logistics and targeting. As one of our many projects with Nic. Oud, we developed a service portal with which webshop owners can easily gain insights into their orders being handled by Nic. Oud.

The e-Fulfilment service portal is able to link various e-commerce platforms to the automated system of Nic. Oud. In addition, the portal offers up-to-date insights and management in the incoming and outgoing data of orders, stock and shipments.

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Up to date and clear in communication

Throughout the system webshop owners, who purchase automated fulfilment at Nic. Oud, can gain clear insights into their articles, orders, pre-notifications, shipments, stock and business rules. The data is displayed using a web interface that connects to all digital links that Nic. Oud uses, designed in user-friendly way.

The Result

We have developed a portal that offers a central insight in all incoming and outgoing customer data through a user-friendly system. This data can be mutated and checked by Nic. Oud, to make sure all orders can be processed correctly. This enables the customer to use orders, stock and shipping information that is maintained within the Nic Middelware.

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