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Your beloved ones, always near you!

The assignment

With the HEY Bracelet it's possible to keep in touch with your loved ones, whether it is a romantic relationship or friends and family. With HEY Bracelet they always feel near you!

The HEY Bracelet reached the commercial markets thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and is still in it's infancy. After the launch period, several technical issues revealed themselves, and to remedy this, we were called in to take over both the Android & iOS developments. In addition to solving the existing technical problems, we have stabilized and optimized the application.

The HEY Bracelet is a bracelet that can simulate a touch through haptic feedback. Thanks to our back-end system, the application is able to capture Bluetooth signals from one bracelet and translate them into commands for the other bracelet. Stay in touch with your partner or loved one through the app and bracelet, so you are never alone again! A way of interacting like you've never seen or felt before.

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A smart app

A smart bracelet comes with a smart application. The biggest challenge of the app was communicating with the bracelet, and telling the bracelet to do exactly what we want. The wearable is able to distinguish and translate different touches. The touch is then passed on to the other bracelet, using Low Energy Bluetooth.

The Result

A more stable application in which a number of critical bugs have been picked up in a short time, which has considerably improved the user experience. Thanks to our integration with Bluetooth Low energy, the application is also more durable to use, so that the battery of both your phone and bracelet lasts longer.

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