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The assignment

Nee Make-up Milano is a professional makeup line, used for and by the most important and famous makeup artists. The make-up line exists since 20 years and was created in Lissone, near Milan. Because of its quality, the top products were soon exported to the beauty and cosmetics world, both on the national and international market. Not only Nee Make-up Milano but also other brands such as Da Vinci and Perfect Skin can be ordered through the website for both consumers and entrepreneurs.

Nee Make-up consisted of two platforms. A Lightspeed webshop for individuals and a Lightspeed webshop for businesses. Both webshops needed improvements in user experience and visual design to increase conversion. It was also inconvenient that there were two separate webshops on which Nee Make-up always had to upload its products separately. Therefore they came to us so that we could make one webshop with a new homepage design.

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Professional design with automation

We merged these two webshops into one Lightspeed webshop with a new homepage design. We chose a theme in Lightspeed and made it custom with the colors that best fit the products and style of Nee Make-up. Because of the fine communication with our partner we could easily apply the wishes. In addition to these visual improvements, we also started looking to automate back-end work processes and simplify the import of products. This will be further developed in a development trajectory.

We have also ensured that the USP's of Nee Make-up appear clearly in the header on the homepage. This means that visitors do not have to search for important information, for example, about delivery, which creates more trust. This ultimately ensures that visitors are more likely to make a purchase. Also, visitors can create a wish list so they can easily checkout products they have saved.

The Result

The new combined webshop has a unique color palette based on the customer's requirements. These earth tones, which have a clean and natural look, fit perfectly next to the skin tones of the models depicted. The webshop is modern and focused on conversion. By combining the 2 webshops, Nee Make-up no longer needs to add products to 2 different shops. This saves them a lot of time.

In addition, the Lightspeed webshop is responsive and therefore customers can easily order products using their mobile phone. The easy navigation between the product pages in combination with the clear USP's will increase the conversion. Our mission to build a user-friendly webshop with an appropriate design has been accomplished!

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