Mollie Payments

Lightspeed app for Mollie Payments

The assignment

Mollie is a pioneer in the payments industry. They are now one of the fastest growing payment processors in Europe. They help companies large and small to scale and grow by using different payment methods. With Mollie you can offer multiple payment methods in a uniform way.

We have created a Lightspeed plugin/app for Mollie Payments that makes it possible to sell products on a Lightspeed webshop in a subscription form. If a client makes a purchase in the Lightspeed webshop, a subscription is created within eCurring.

Mollie Case Web Ap

No additional steps

Buying such a subscription product does not require any extra steps for the consumer, it is fully integrated in the regular checkout. Subsequently, a payment is automatically debited from the client each period and a follow-up order is created within Lightspeed. The technique is serverless, which means that you have no operations on the management of your application and the app scales up regardless of the amount of traffic the plugin uses. This means you don't have to worry about peaks where the volume of transactions is much higher, such as on Black Friday.

The Result

Thanks to the link between Lightspeed and eCurring, selling subscriptions has never been easier!

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