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Prospect management for MKB Collectieven

The assignment

MKB collectieven has to deal with hundreds of contact details of potential customers that need to be maintained. In order to maintain an overview, there was a demand for a well-organized system in which the company data can be easily filtered based on the current status of contact with potential customers of MKB Collectieven.

We have developed a tool for MKB Collectieven, with which company data (1.5+ million lines) can be imported into one well-arranged system. Subselections can then be made dynamically from this data, so that the users of the system can easily find the desired contact details. If this data is exported, it will be automatically loaded into the call center system. After the prospects have been called, the status is fed back and updated in the system. In this way, customer relationships are always clearly mapped, and the filter options in the system make it easy to oversee which relationships need to be taken. This allows potential leads to be approached faster and more effectively!

The system is scalable and further expansions and applications can be easily implemented in the future.

Project Mkb

Ease of use

As a result of this elaboration, the excel file of 1.5 million lines no longer needs to be manually filtered by MKB Collectieven. Account is now also taken of which prospects are already in ring systems and how long ago contact was made. This prevents the prospects from being called multiple times in a short period of time. So it has become easy to filter and search, but there are also further opportunities for growth within the new system.

The Result

Our technical solution prevents human errors because the system keeps track of contacts. In addition, the system uses an effective curve in which prospects come up in the dashboard, so that not too little nor too much is called. This keeps both employees and prospects happy!