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The assignment

Saskia Swint is the owner of children's concept store Mikomodo, the store that makes both child and parent happy. At Mikomodo you can buy toys for children where they can not only play with, but it can also serve as decoration in the home. The products are also very sustainable!

The idea was born when Saskia had her first child. "The moment you have children, you get a lot of junk in the house. Grandparents bring toys you don't want, you need stuff for your nursery and before you know it your household has changed into a kindergarten. I want to prevent that with this concept. With Mikomodo I try to add to every facet of the day by offering products that make both parent and child happy."


The plan to open a physical store in the middle of Amsterdam was unfortunately paused because of corona. Therefore Saskia started looking for an online sales channel to bring the concept to reality. "I thought ohh a webshop? Everyone does that so I can probably do that myself. But then I found out it was more complicated than I thought. I had already chosen a theme in Lightspeed, because I thought it would be as easy as putting together an Ikea cabinet, until I read the words header and footer. Then I went and Googled it anyway."

Mikomodo Webshop

Thinking long term

After the failed attempt to create a Lightspeed webshop herself, Saskia knocked on our door. After a positive conversation, we started with a User Experience Design intake to discuss the wishes and future vision of Saskia. We also sparred together about the MVP and how to build on it later in a new phase.

Saskia says: "After considering a number of parties, I followed my gut and chose Notive. Many parties just focus on setting up a webshop and that's it. I want to think in the long term and it's nice to stay with a party that thinks along with you."

Saskia continues: "What I also like about Notive is that they also take an advisory role. If I ask for a new feature on the webshop, it is divided into phases and then in six months we can say, 'okay, we'll build this over the top or we'll build the entire website with a new theme in two years' time. I like the idea that we can grow together like that."

The Result

In order to stay within budget, we chose a soothing Lightspeed theme that matched the shop's products. With our expertise, we implemented the corporate identity and added the other wishes that were not part of the theme. We wrote down the bigger wishes, which would take more time, as 'nice to have' for a possible next phase of the webshop.

With the new Lightspeed webshop, Saskia can add her products herself and offer them online. In time, she hopes to open a physical store in the center of Amsterdam, so the Lightspeed Point of Sale system will come in handy.

After the webshop goes live, we continue to develop it. By consulting with Saskia and doing thorough research, we expand the functionalities of the webshop in phase 2 of the project. This allows Mikomodo to grow into a robust webshop!

Saskia Mikomodo Website

Saska Swint

"I want to think long term and then it's nice that Notive think along."

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