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Laurent Muller new Lightspeed webshop

The assignment

About Laurent

Laurent Muller is originally a French artist who makes furniture, photos and paintings. He has more than 20 years of experience in the profession and writes poems in addition to making art. As an artist, Laurent Muller has already lived in many large cities, but nowadays he creates his artworks from his office in Amsterdam. At the moment he makes many unique ceramic pots and vases which can also be seen on his Instagram channel.

The problem

Laurent Muller first presented the art that he creates through his Instagram account, but he noticed that he was looking for an online platform where he could also sell his art. Then he came to us. Together with Laurent we have looked for a suitable solution on which he can easily offer his products with his own unique design.

The solution

We opted for a Lightspeed solution, because Lightspeed offers an accessible webshop that Laurent can easily manage himself. For the design of the webshop we took an existing Lightspeed theme and this has been adapted and designed by our UX or user experience department in such a way that it fits within the style that Laurent Muller wants to propagate. We have also made the shop as user-friendly as possible so that visitors can easily pay for a product. Would you also like to have your webshop checked by our UX experts? Contact us now!

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Customized webshop

Thanks to the new Lightspeed webshop, Laurent can easily sell his art online in his own unique style. The design of the shop helps to propagate Laurent Muller's own brand and exudes luxury and quality. He can now also easily add products to his webshop to sell.

The Result

The shop is user-friendly on both web and mobile. This makes it very easy for visitors to pay for a product. The Lightspeed framework, the environment that is intended as the basis for the software application, also allows Laurent to easily post blogs about his working method or other information on the website. In addition, we have added a large number of products for Laurent and he further supplements his range himself when puts more products on the webshop. By selling art through an online platform like Lightspeed, Laurent Muller can reach a much larger number of people and ultimately increase his turnover.

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