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Lightspeed app for Klarna Payments

The assignment

For 15 years, Klarna has been making online payments easier for consumers. With Klarna, consumers can buy now and pay later. Every day a million transactions are completed with the payment method of Klarna. Working with some 200,000 online stores, including H&M, Adidas, ASOS and Mediamarkt, it is important that the Klarna platform is accessible and easy to use.

We have developed a Lightspeed app for Klarna Payments, which makes it easy to use the Klarna payment system in Lightspeed webshops. This app ensures that Klarna's payment options ("Pay now", "Pay later" and "Slice it") appear as options in the standard Lightspeed checkout so consumers can use them to pay.

Because order management has been part of the integration process, Lightspeed webshop owners have the convenience of taking care of all their business from within the Lightspeed environment, including the order management of all their Klarna payments.

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Easy to manage

Thanks to the seamless synchronization with the portal, webshop owners can change or cancel orders in the Lightspeed backend, without having to repeat this manually in the Klarna Order Management portal.

The Result

The tailor-made Lightspeed app makes it possible for webshop owners to use the services of Klarna easily. In addition, the Klarna Order Management system makes it possible to manage orders efficiently and even per item. This saves a lot of time and webshop owners can now work more efficiently by using the Lightspeed app we built!

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