Fresh draught beer for your company

The assignment

Our long time partner Heineken awarded us the task to develop a webshop to sell their new Blade taps and casks online.

The newly created webshop has a number of unique elements. For example: one of the legal requirements for buying a Blade is a valid VAT-number. This way the webshop can ensure Heineken that their Blades can only be bought and placed in legal locations. We also paid special attention to custom checkout pages and speeding up te registration process. These user-friendly solutions helped raise sales of the Heineken Blade and contributed to the overall succes of the new webshop.

Fresh draught beer for your company

Due to the input of VAT-number, personal details of the customer can be pre-filled. This, in combination with custom checkout pages for various matters and stock management, ensures an increase in user-friendliness and usability.

The Result

The Blade webshop allows you to order your very own Heineken Blade beer tap. Our carefully crafted middleware solution ensures links with various other webshops and a range of external systems to optimise compatibility among different platforms.

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