Get a grip on your data and insurance with the Harmony Customer Portal

The assignment

The name Harmony may not ring any bells right away, but this organization has been a “behind-the-scenes” insurer for years. Due to partnerships with various retailers, Harmony simplifies immediately taking out appropriate insurance when, for example, purchasing a new iPhone.

Getting access to or changing information, such as personal data or even canceling insurance, previously required contact via email or phone. Subsequently, employees had to manually process changes in Harmony’s Microsoft Navision system. To simplify and automate the informing of customers, but also to relieve customer service and administration, we have developed a user-friendly customer portal on behalf of Harmony.

The customer portal displays confidential data such as personal and address information, and offers the possibility to view insurance details or even cancel. We have also developed a user-friendly flow in which users can easily report damage or theft. In this process, the user is guided through a number of steps to ensure all necessary information is received by Harmony in order to carefully handle the claim.

Informative and to-the-point

The portal is focused on providing information. Users can quickly view information about their insurance policies. Features such as reporting damage or theft have been prominently displayed in the portal so users can easily and quickly submit insurance claims. To create a sense of accessibility and trust, we decided to display the customer service phone number at all times in the main menu.

The Result

The customer portal creates a sense of accessibility and transparency for customers. Due to all available personal data, policy condiction and (settlement of) claims, customers do not have to contact customer service as often and changes or claims will be processed more quickly. The customer portal offers progress in terms of customer experience and satisfaction, but also proves that Harmony is modernizing and innovating.

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