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Let's go play outside!

The assignment

Groen doet Goed's main goal is to re-introduce children to the fun of playing outdoors. The overall experience, motivation and enthusiasm for a repeat visit to the website were key performance indicators for this project. We developed an online platform to teach and inform children about the fun activities they, together with their friends, can do outdoors.

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Play outside and share

Groen doet Goed was designed with children as their primary user. This required a well thought-out design and accompanying content. We paid special attention to crucial design heuristics, e.g. colour selection, ensuring a design that would work best for our target group.

The Result

Prior to this re-design, Groen doet Goed was primarily an informative website. We headed into another direction, creating an interactive platform that offers targeted outdoor activities to children. With a personal account, children can store their favourite activities share them with their friends. The result? A responsive and user-friendly website that inspires children to go out into and spend time in their own neighbourhoods.

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