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Lightspeed integration for Fashionbrands

The assignment

Fashionbrands, also known in Rotterdam from the shops Donna Guy and Aspact, recently built a brand new Lightspeed webshop. To ensure a seamless connection to the Retail Management System used by Fashionbrands, we have built a tailor-made integration between Lightspeed and Avelon RMS.

Fashionbrands uses an RMS to manage all product data such as sizes, prices, and related product information. Through the Notive Middleware developed by us, we can extract the necessary data from the RMS and then translate it into a correct format and forward it to Lightspeed and vice versa. The challenge was to convert clothing sizes from Avelon to Lightspeed; different sizes (American, European, etc.) have to be taken into account.


Seamlessly integrated

The efficient assembly of the integration enables communication between the two systems without delay. Also, thanks to the integration with Avelon, the RMS remains the leading factor for all product data, ensuring consistency, and avoids manual copying.

The Result

Thanks to the link between Lightspeed and Avelon RMS, all product data is easily and quickly synchronized with the webshop. Changes to product data no longer need to be manually inherited and entered into the Lightspeed backend but are automatically processed by the custom integration.

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