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Uploading images with the Graphic Upload Tool

The assignment

Fairboost enables stand builders to construct stands without the need for human intervention, using an online 3D Configurator build by Notive. To offer better-personalised services to their customers, we developed an automated Graphic Upload Tool for Fairboost, which enables users to upload the imagery they need to have printed on their exhibition panels easily. Our tool verifies if all presented graphic imagery meets the set requirements and guidelines before handing it over to all the parties involved, e.g. printers and stand builders.

The Graphic Upload Tool uses an API to connect to the Pitstop Server by Enfocus, which can validate an endless set of criteria in a short time. Thanks to this automated feedback connection, print quality is ensured, without needing interference from Fairboost. Set up of the various criteria can be done dynamically, depending on e.g. desired print for different panel types.

The upload tool is connected with the Fairboost 3D Configurator via an API. When customers are done setting up their stand, they’re asked to upload their desired imagery. Once uploaded, they can verify their stand set up, which now uses their uploaded images. However, this doesn’t mean that this upload tool is limited to the 3D Configurator by Fairboost. Our Graphic Upload Tool has been built with the ability of both manual and API requests. This means our tool can be implemented for all different kind of projects, enabling other external parties to use the upload tool.

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Automated quality control

Our Graphic Upload Tool can verify if an uploaded image meets all requirements and guidelines, e.g.; DPI, size, crop and colour standards. When an image is flagged as incorrect, the user is informed, in a user-friendly way, which image requirements weren’t met and how to fix them without having to contact their printer.

The Result

Besides a considerable increase in customer satisfaction and experience, the Graphic Upload Tool allows users to focus on other tasks when planning for an exhibit. Because of the completely automated validation process, printers no longer have to worry themselves with answering and guiding customers through the uploading process. Lastly, the upload tool adds to the overall customer experience Fairboost offers while designing an exhibition stand online.