Damen Die Aan Het Configureren Is

Configuring a stand made easy!

The assignment

Fairboost was looking for a way to offer exhibitors the opportunity to set up and design their own exhibition stand, and determine the stand's exterior appearance online.

We developed a unique 3D configurator in which the user can set up and design their exhibition stand without the help of a stand builder or designer and still achieve a professional result. Ensuring the design and approval of the stand by the exhibitor, all the necessary parts can be ordered right away and delivered to the desired exhibition location.

Project Fairboost

Stand building made easy

We programmed the configurator, using Magento, in such a way that it automatically detects which options should or should not be presented to the exhibitor ordering a stand.

The configurator has been designed to be user-friendly in order to achieve the desired results as quickly and easy as possible.

The Result

A fully automated online stand builder that can be used for all trade fairs working together with Fairboost. Together with their partners, exhibitors can design their stands quickly and simply, turning their 3D drawings into reality.

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