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The assignment

Finding the right product in a warehouse with thousands of unique items can be an error-prone process. For example, articles could be difficult to find, routes are run inefficiently or pick orders end up on the packing table incomplete. In order to make the fulfilment process as error-free as possible, mobile hand-held scanners are used at all department stores connected to eWarehousing.

To support and relieve order pickers on the work floor, we have been tasked by eWarehousing to develop a mobile app for hand scanners that helps users to perform tasks within the fulfilment process. The software is tailor-made for the Android barcode hand scanners that are used in the department stores. The hand scanners are driven by the mobile application that is in direct contact with the WMS we developed. As a result, order pickers have the certainty that the correct item is being scanned, the correct transport cart is being used and they can continue their work without any problems after an interruption. The barcodes of the scanned articles are fed back to the WMS, after which the stock and order status are updated immediately.

Project Ewh2


The hand scanner software guides eWarehousing employees in carrying out the operations within the fulfillment process. Our application retrieves the required data from the WMS and shows the products in the fastest order, so that the order picker can work as effectively as possible. The app knows exactly which item must be scanned, where it is located, what the next destination of the picking task is or to which packing table the order must be delivered.

The Result

Thanks to the direct link between the hand scanner software and the WMS, old-fashioned order lists are a thing of the past. The application simplifies the work and increases the efficiency of the process by using the right technology.

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