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The assignment

For eWarehousing we have developed a Warehouse Managament System (WMS) that provides insight into orders, shipments, relocation, stock levels and all other things that one needs in a department store. This data is clearly and clearly brought together in one system. In addition, this data is of course also visible to customers.

Thanks to the middleware developed by us, customers' web shops can be linked to the eWarehousing system. Because of this mutual communication between the systems, orders from web shops are created directly in the eWarehousing WMS and the order can be dispatched as quickly as possible!

Project Ewh2

Orders made easy

We have built a system that provides insight into all events in the department store for both the employees of eWarehousing themselves and their customers. Hereby we have also developed an application for a TC700H hand scanner, so that the system can easily communicate with the order pickers. The application provides step by step instructions for going through the logistics process. Automating the system has also ensured that orders are picked, packaged and sent in a fair order: first in, first out.

The Result

The result is an automated warehouse management system that is constantly evolving. Thanks to the middleware that we have developed, the WMS is always in contact with the systems of the web shops for which eWarehousing supplies and both the eWarehousing employees and the webshop owners always have an up-to-date insight into current affairs.

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