Case Dockparts

The assignment

Dockparts is the webshop for anyone who has a boat or yacht. The company offers a wide range of dock accessories and materials for both business and private customers. For example, you can go to Dockparts for bumpers or a complete floating dock that is custom made. Not only do they sell products, but they also give advice on how to dock your boat in the marina. The company has over 25 years of experience in the water sports industry and is one of the largest players in the field of water construction.

Arian de Jong, owner of Dockparts, was looking for a way to make Dockparts findable online. He did not yet had a webshop for his company and was therefore looking for a suitable platform to market Dockparts' products online. He was looking for a light weight webshop that he could easily manage himself. We therefore chose to build the webshop with Lightspeed.

Dockparts Webshop Lightspeed

Easy to order and store water sports products

We chose a Lightspeed template that fits the industry of Dockparts. With our expertise, we customized this template to match Dockparts' corporate identity and products.

We also chose blue tones and added moving pictures in the header of the homepage so that the product categories are immediately clear to visitors. Dockparts' USPs are also listed on the product pages, so visitors don't have to search for information about shipping or assembly. This ensures that visitors are more likely to make a purchase and therefore higher conversion rates!

The Result

With the new Lightspeed webshop, Dockparts can easily offer their products to customers. With the designed design, Dockparts' corporate identity comes out beautifully and also products are displayed clearly. With the product compare feature and the wishlist, customers can also easily compare products.

In this way, we have helped Dockparts to expand their brand awareness also online and thus get more revenue from their business!

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