Clan de Banlieue van winkel tot webshop

The assignment

What started as a small dream has now grown into a national and international clothing brand. Clan de Banlieue. The Rotterdam entrepreneurs have been working hard for a number of years and have already expanded the store in 2019. In a few years a school project of one of the entrepreneurs has grown into a full-fledged streetwear brand. The brand is known for its T-shirts and tracksuits. Sparta Rotterdam and Clan de Banlieue have previously joined forces and have designed the third kit of the football club in 2019.

Partly due to the use of the Lightspeed cash register system in the physical store, we were commissioned to design a webshop in Lightspeed. In this way they can easily manage and change the stock of both the online webshop and the store within one system.

Responsive design

With the minimalistic appearance of the webshop, the colors of the products stand out even more. The design is responsive and suitable for mobile display. The target group of young adults in particular will frequently visit this webshop with their mobile devices.

The Result

With a new webshop design and a link to the Lightspeed cash register system, the men and women of Clan de Banlieue are able to work even more efficiently. Stock levels and orders both online and offline will always be up-to-date and reliable!


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