The assignment

We already joined forces with our partner Chris Drent from Blue Water App and developed a mobile app that allowed you to easily pay for a spot in the harbor. That became a success! That's why Blue Water App came back with a new idea for RV owners.

RV site owners in fact have several issues that they run into. It is very difficult to keep track of who has or has not paid, when there are changes of RV sites throughout the day. In addition, hiring staff to manage the RV sites is expensive and for the price of an average RV site, it is relatively expensive. Payment machines for the RV industry are few and far between, so this costs a lot of money to just purchase. So with the app you have everything automated and relatively little cost.

The business model here is the transactions. The system is free to use, but camper owners pay a percentage per transaction. The idea behind Camper Pay is simple, you arrive with the RV at an RV site and you pay for your spot using the app. After paying, you can open the barrier using the code given to you in the app. If you stay longer than you paid for, you must first pay for the additional days so you can get another code to open the barrier.

"The system is scalable and any camper site can join."

Chris Drent says: "Camper owners often drive to a place where they think, here we can stop and then they can easily pay with the app. This is how Camper Pay responds to ad hoc in the leisure industry. So it's not for the camping business, because everything there is about long-term arrangements."

Camper Pay Mobile App

Integration with an API

In addition to being able to pay in the app, you can also open the barrier of the RV site with the app. In fact, we linked an API of GateGuard relays with the system of Camper Pay, so that requests can be sent there to operate the GateGuard (the barrier) and it can open switch contacts. An API is the communication piece between the GateGuard and the system of Camper Pay that retrieves data from one system to the other. So this is how you make sure that the different systems can talk to each other. GateGuard relay is a potential free contact, which means that it has no current or voltage itself, but it can interrupt a circuit.

Chris Drent about the collaboration: "The collaboration is really good. I have known these guys for years and you can really rely on each other. If there are any bugs, for example, I think to myself: How this is possible? Fortunately, I can always turn to Notive. We will continue to work on great projects in the future! Our cooperation is intense and so the quality of projects is very good."

The Result

With the mobile Camper Pay app, both RV owners and RV park owners are unburdened. This way, camper owners have a better overview of payments and camper spaces and camper owners can easily pay and continue driving without waiting and holding up other camper owners. This way, camper owners can enjoy travelling around with their camper even more and RV park owners can rent out pitches faster and easier!

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Chris Drent

"Notive has a great team that makes sure the system is running properly at all times"

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