Header Biko

Well-oiled stock management system for Biker Outfit

The assignment

In just 7 years, Biker Outfit has managed to grow into the best-known motorcycle clothing specialist in the Netherlands. In addition to a large physical store located in Amsterdam, they’re selling thousands of products online through a Lightspeed webshop. Problems arose when, due to their immense growth and up-sizing, the webshop could no longer be managed manually by the webshop-owner. Loads of time was lost due to repetitive tasks like adding or modifying stock. They were in dire need of an optimised and automated platform, which would handle catalogue and order management.

We developed an innovative platform which, amongst other things, completely eliminated the need for having to manually add new stock. Our innovative platform is highly focussed on usability, with features like; pick-list generation for incoming orders. Thanks to our automatisation, Biker Outfit can put all their efforts into ensuring the best customer service, without having to sweat the technical manual hassle. We’re continually improving and maintaining this platform, implementing further development where needed.

Project Biko

Fully automated

The BIKO platform offers additional features that connect with the Lightspeed omni-channel software. By automatically collecting and processing available product stock of several large suppliers within the motorcycle industry, BIKO’s catalogue is always up-to-date. Besides catalogue synchronisation, the automatically generating pick-lists and the compilation of purchase orders are some of the key features of this platform.

The Result

Thanks to the automated platform, catalogue and order management is no longer a time-consuming hassle. Manual processes have been replaced with a system that ensures the webshop-owner that his or her catalogue features the latest available products, and orders can be more effectively processed.