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Web apps vs Native apps

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Apps on smartphones and tablets have become indispensable. You can download these apps from the Apple or Google Play Store for IOS or Android. Besides these native apps, there are also web apps that you use in your web browser. When do you go for a web app or a native app? In this article we explain the difference between these apps and which one u should choose.

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What is a web app?

Almost all web apps are loaded from a web server and can only be used in your web browser. So you don't have to download or install an app from an app store. The types of web apps are very different. Examples of web apps are a web version of a certain software, chat applications or a small browser game. It often happens that such an app is offered in two ways, as a native app and as a web app. The web apps are often built with HTML, CSS and/or Javascript which is supported by web browsers.

What is the difference between a web app and a native app?

Native apps can also be called mobile apps. These apps are designed for a particular platform. You need to download them on an Android, IOS or Windows device. The mobile app dominates the overall app market. However, a native app also has drawbacks. Before the app can be placed in the app stores, it first needs to get approval from Apple or Google. Also an update in the software of the platform can cause the technology to have to be adjusted. Nowadays, apps for IOS and Android can also be created at the same time in the program Flutter. This saves you time and money, because you no longer have to make the app separately for IOS and Android.

Building web apps

The advantage of building a web app is that the application is supported by all devices provided when the web browser is supported by the web app. Although it is not always possible to optimize the web app on every browser, it is possible to offer your app on all platforms.

Another advantage is security, where mobile apps need an update to close a security hole, web apps can be adjusted immediately and the user has the safest version immediately.

In terms of costs, web apps are generally relatively cheaper than a native (mobile) app.

When do you choose which app?

Have you been walking around with the idea of having an app made, but don't know what kind of app you want to develop? Then it's important to first determine the goals and functionalities of your app. Do you want to use the app on your phone? Then develop a mobile app. Does the app only need to be used in a web browser? Then have a web app created. There are also 2 other types of apps. You can read more about creating apps in our other blog.

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