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System integrations and links

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If you want to develop a system integration or link, it often involves a custom middleware to link systems together. The intermediate layer, which we also call the Notive middleware, is build well secured so that we can easily handle and process confidential data such as accounting or payment data in our systems. Hereby we strongly take into account the AVG laws and regulations. By building an integration you can merge systems so you can automate processes which saves a lot of time and money. In this article we tell you all about building system integrations and links.

Automating business processes through a system integration

Do you currently have to go through too many steps with, for example, your bookkeeping or keeping your stock up to date? By building a link or system integration with Exact, for example, this can be remedied. We also have experience with the integration of cash register systems, warehouse and inventory, which helps you avoid double sales and incorrect stock levels. We can also build integrations that allow you to easily request article information from different suppliers and automatically transfer it. Take a look at our case overview to see what we have built!

System integration through an API-link

If you want systems to connect with each other, you can build an API link. That serves as a communication piece between the 2 systems and brings the data from one system to the other. Want to know more about system integrations through an API connection? We are happy to tell you more about it!

Building an integration in an E-commerce platform

Nowadays you can build links or integrations in many E-commerce platforms. For example, we have created many payment links in Lightspeed. We can also develop integrations and apps for Shopify and Magento that automate processes.

Building a payment link

By building a payment link you can add a payment option such as Ideal to a webshop and this can greatly increase the market in which the payment link is offered. We have already created many payment links for Klarna and Mollie with platforms such as Lightspeed and Shopify. Check out our project with Mollie to discover how we developed their payment link! Do you also want to use the Mollie payment link? Then use our link.

Integration stock and product information

Integrate your work processes so warehouse and inventory are seamlessly connected. Avoid incorrect stock levels or double sales by linking your webshop and supplier. Do you still enter all product information manually? You can use an integration to ensure that you can take over this information from another website or system!

Integration of physical cash register systems

Do you have a physical store? Then integrate your cash register system with your webshop so that all stock is available in real time and you avoid double sales. After the checkout process, your products are directly synchronized with your digital stock!

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