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Shopify has become a major player in the E-commerce landscape in the Netherlands. Like Lightspeed, it is a SaaS platform and it has different subscriptions, each with their own functionalities and prices. Shopify Plus is the state-of-art platform of Shopify and is specifically designed for serious E-commerce businesses that want to get the most revenue out of their webshop. Let's take a closer look at Shopify Plus and zoom in on the functionalities that the platform brings.

Shopify Plus is fully hosted unlike traditional self-hosted open source platforms. This makes Shopify Plus very reliable, as it is constantly monitored and upgraded to ensure robustness and maximum efficiency. Even more benefits of the secure and powerful hosting network are that you can improve your search engine optimization, maintain high speeds, and no longer have to run your own server.

Scalability of Shopify Plus

Whether you're holding a big flash sale or participate in the Black Friday, Shopify Plus allows you to handle all this traffic. Due to its infinite scalability, the platform can handle thousands of transactions per minute. There are no limits on the number of products or sales, nor do you pay any transaction fees.

Shopify Plus Templates and Web Design

With Shopify Plus you can choose from more than 60 templates for your webshop. With Shopify's own html programming language called 'Liquid' you can change the look and functionality of your webshop. You can also edit the checkout. Shopify Plus offers the option to tune your checkout to customer profiles to provide an even more personalized shopper experience. This will help to increase your conversion rate.

Shopify Plus API

With the Shopify Plus API you can seamlessly integrate existing IT platforms to your webshop. This includes all CRM- ERP- and accounting systems.

E-commerce automation

With Shopify Plus you can automate large parts of your sales cycle, because it consolidates the workflow of the backend and frontend. As a result, you don't have to work a lot with apps and add-ons because the automation tools are present in the system. For example, you can tag and segment customers with a VIP customer program where you can send discounts to the VIP customers.

Shopify Plus for B2B companies

Shopify Plus also offers a great solution for B2B companies. With the integrated loyalty and rewards program, you can set up automatic bonuses for customers. You can also give your customers the option to make a quick purchase, track the order or place it again.

Shopify Plus costs

You already have a Shopify Plus subscription from €2000 per month. With this Plus account from Shopify, you automatically get an account manager who provides you with personalized assistance 24/7. They oversee the activities of your webshop on a daily basis, so you can quickly respond if problems arise.

Differences open source platforms and Shopify Plus

Below we explain the differences between an open source platforms and Shopify Plus:

  • Open source platforms require you to host them yourself so you spend more time managing the technical aspects of your shop
  • PCI security compliance is offered in the package of Shopify Plus and not in open source platforms
  • With open source platforms, maintaining compliance and security on your server is your own responsibility
  • Open source platforms require more expertise if you want to customize and transform your store

So Shopify Plus offers the possibility to build a robust custom shop where you can automate many processes. If you also want full control over your customer experience and back-end, Shopify Plus is the right choice. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities with Shopify Plus.

Do you currently have a webshop with another Ecommerce platform? Then it is possible to migrate to Shopify Plus. We can also help you with that. Call us for free advice on migrating to Shopify Plus.

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