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Customization in Shopify

Customization in Shopify

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As a Digital Innovative Agency, Notive is specialized in creating and designing Shopify web shops, apps and links. As a Shopify partner, we help organizations on a daily basis with the growth of the platform to contribute to a positive user experience for their customers. Our Shopify experts are specialized in developing customizations in Shopify.

Shopify is a SaaS Ecommerce platform within which you can install Shopify Apps to add additional functionalities to your webshop. These Shopify apps are also called plugins or modules. Can't find your desired functionality? Then we can help you out with custom API integrations and unique Shopify themes. Want to know more about how we work? Read here how we work.

What's possible with development for customization in Shopify

Our developers can realize the following custom solutions in Shopify

As a Shopify partner we have extensive experience in setting up and implementing projects within Shopify. Our Shopify experts will work for you and explore the possibilities within the project. This could be a completely new custom Shopify webshop or just a modification or addition to your existing platform. It is also possible to migrate your existing platform to Shopify.

We can do a lot for you in terms of custom in Shopify. Do you want to expand your Shopify webshop with custom development but do you not quite understand how it all works? We are happy to explain it to you through clear documentation and personal meetings. This way you know exactly how you can get started with your Shopify webshop.

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