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We now have more than 5 years of experience in realizing solutions for our Lightspeed customers and partners. Lightspeed is a closed system within which you can install Lightspeed Apps (also called plugins or modules) to add extra functionality. But what do you do if your desired functionality is not available or if you want it slightly different from the standard?

That's where our trajectories begin! We can help you out when you want it slightly different from the standard, such as a custom checkout, integration with an external system or a custom product page. We look for the limits of what is possible within Lightspeed and build a custom shell on top with which we can realize your wishes. Do you want to know how? You can read more about how we work on our about us and working method pages.

The advantages of Lightspeed

Below are some examples of possible custom solutions for Lightspeed.

As a certified Lightspeed partner, we are experienced in drawing up and executing processes within Lightspeed. Our team of specialists will work for you to explore the possibilities within the project. We determine which integrations or links are necessary to realize your assignment.

Don't you fully understand how everything is put together? No worries! We explain exactly what we do to you on the basis of both extensive documentation and personal meetings. This way you also know how to get started with your product.

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