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Lightspeed is an e-commerce platform that has a lot to offer in itself. By using a theme and the user-friendly backend of the platform, for example, you can have a nice webshop online in no time. In addition to all the basic functionalities that the Lightspeed platform has to offer, there is also a Lightspeed app store with hundreds of available apps and integrations. These apps, also known as plugins, are custom solutions that can extend the functionalities of the basic platform. Many of these apps can be installed for free or for a small price in your webshop. It is also possible that the integration or app you are looking for does not yet exist. Then you can choose to have your solution custom made. Do you want to build a Lightspeed app of integration? Keep reading!

As a certified Lightspeed partner, we specialize in developing custom apps and integrations for Lightspeed. Through years of experience with this platform, we can deliver innovative solutions of high quality.

What we do

To provide insight into possible solutions, we have listed several possible integrations for you.


To realize most solutions, we develop a custom middle layer. This intermediate layer, also known as the Notive Middleware, makes it possible to, for example, link different systems together and merge them into one clear dashboard or settings screen. Our Middleware is secured in such a way that we can handle and process confidential data in our systems without any worries, taking into account the GDPR.

The possibilities within Lightspeed are endless: there is always a solution! Thanks to the open structure of Lightspeed, there is always something to tinker with at the back of the framework. Do you notice that the basic functionalities of Lightspeed fall short on you? Get in touch with us.

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Paypal Express as Lightspeed app

The Lightspeed app that makes it possible to pay with Paypal with the push of a button.

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