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Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart, they're all great e-commerce systems. But in our opinion, there's one that stands out in terms of user-friendliness: Lightspeed. As a certified partner, we are a big fan of the webshop software, mainly because it is incredibly user-friendly, scalable and manageable. Each year we're asked to build Lightspeed webshops or custom integrations for our partners. Lightspeed eCommerce offers a wealth of options in the field of e-commerce, without the need for technical knowledge as a webshop owner. With Lightspeed you can build your own webshop within seconds, without having to write a line of code. Despite the fact that the software is simple and straightforward to use, Lightspeed provides enough space for more complex environments. The open structure makes it possible to apply customized implementations or integrations within your webshop. You can learn more about customization here.

The advantages of Lightspeed

We've listed the greatest benefits for you.

We are so excited about Lightspeed platform, and can design and develop your webshop to suit your needs. There are multiple paid themes available, which you can edit and customize to fit in with your corporate identity. Would you prefer a completely custom-made design? No problem! Lightspeed offers the possibility to use a custom webshop design. We develop the webshop in such a way that it binds together perfectly with the Lightspeed software. This way you retain all the functionalities and benefits at the back, but you have your own unique design at the front. But our biggest addition is the development of custom apps or integrations for Lightspeed. For example, a solution to be able to go through the shopping cart process including payment in just 30 seconds, as we have been able to develop for Paypal and OK, a tool to analyse your inventory using an external party, or an easy way to automate your purchases? Everything is possible thanks to the open and modular structure of Lightspeed.

As you can see, the possibilities within Lightspeed are endless. You supply the idea, we provide the means. No challenge is too much for us and partners such as OK Betalen, Paypal and Heineken have already preceded you.

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