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Starting an Ecommerce webshop

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Starting an Ecommerce webshop

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Do you have a business and do you sell products or services? Then a professional webshop or website is crucial to put your company on the map. Even if you already have a physical store you can have a webshop built that is linked to your current cash register system so that all stock is kept in real time. In short, there are many different platform independent solutions that we can offer to companies who want to start with E-commerce. Do you want to know more about what a webshop can do for you? Then read on!

Building a web shop with different e-commerce platforms

If you want to have a webshop built for e-commerce, you can choose between different e-commerce platforms. The best known platforms for building a webshop are Shopify, Lightspeed and Craft Commerce. All of them are professional e-commerce platforms, but they each fit different types of companies. Would you like to know which e-commerce platform best suits your business? Contact us and get tailored advice.

Benefits of a webshop

The benefits

Linking your cash register system to your webshop

Suppose you have a cash register system in your store that works well, with which you keep track of all your sales and check stock levels. Why would you have to buy another system that connects to your webshop? You don't have to, because Shopify, Lightspeed and Magento allow you to link your cash register system to your webshop. This way the stock in your physical store is not only real-time but also the stock on your webshop! Take a look at our cases to find out for whom we have been able to link cash register systems to webshops!

User friendly custom made webshops with a focus on automation and profitability

Do you have a webshop, but notice that it does not provide the right results? Then it could be that your webshop is not user friendly enough for visitors to achieve the goals you have set. Therefore, have your webshop checked free of charge to find out if the design is user-friendly and converts sufficiently. Our UX experts can see at a glance what the problem of your webshop is and make sure that you get the leads you want. Request a free UX review and have your website tested immediately.

Custom theme design for your webshop

The look of your webshop is very important. A visitor can decide within seconds whether he finds your shop professional or inviting enough. This plays a major role in the purchasing process of customers. This makes it all more important to create a sense of recognition and professionalism in the design of your webshop. A custom theme design that is fully in line with your corporate identity is crucial to bring out your branding. Our experts design and develop custom theme designs for webshops that are fully in line with your branding. Do you want to stand out with a unique custom design for your webshop? We develop it for you.

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