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Craft CMS is a content management system that allows content managers to easily manage their website. The framework was first released in 2012 and is becoming increasingly popular among internet agencies and companies. Craft CMS distinguishes itself primarily in flexibility and the ability to quickly develop complex layouts.

One of the most unique functionalities of Craft is that the website is, as it were, built upon the framework. This means that Craft forms the core of the website, and all components and design are built separately from it. No use is made of themes that need to be installed and adapted or converted. This ensures less unnecessary code and therefore easier maintenance. Because the CMS is applied to every website in a unique way, the code is harder to reach for hackers. This means that the overall security of your website and personal data are always well protected.

The benefits of Craft CMS

We've listed the greatest benefits of Craft CMS for you

All in all, Craft CMS is a true custom solution that, despite the use of a framework, can nevertheless contain a unique visual appearance. Everything is possible because there are no restrictions due to an existing theme or template. Where with other systems you depend on external plug-ins to apply changes or additions, Craft CMS already offers this option as standard.

Unfortunately, Craft CMS is not offered for free for professional websites. In addition to purchasing a one-off license of € 266 converted, you also spend around € 50 annually on critical updates. Fortunately, there are many plugins available that can be installed for free.

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